Why have hundreds of pilots trained at Nelson Aviation College?

1. You are an individual not a number

We really care about our students and want them to succeed.  Our instructors give individual attention to help each person to achieve their potential.

2. Our students achieve high pass rates

The highly technical nature of aviation requires that students understand and retain theory knowledge rather than simply passing a written exam.  Our programmes aim at providing students with an in depth understanding of class material.  We expect that between 90 to 100 percent of our students will pass theory exams on their first sitting.

3. Fly the friendly skies

Nelson enjoys one of the best aviation climates in the country, and our students have few interruptions to their flying programmes caused by bad weather.

4. Traffic density

To maximise your investment, you should utilise every minute in the aircraft and train where traffic density is light enough to allow for uninterrupted training but heavy enough to be realistic.  Our programmes achieve this by operating from Motueka aerodrome, which is only minutes flying away from Nelson Airport where traffic density is often heavy.  Nelson, Wellington and Christchurch airspace is used during advanced training.

5. Our reputation

The Nelson Aviation College has been training pilots for the industry since 1978.  You will find our graduates all around the world enjoying careers which vary from crop spraying to flying heavy jets.  Ask around and you will find that we have a reputation for working hard to ensure that our students succeed.

6. Student loans and allowances

The College is registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority which means that students enrolling for courses of twelve weeks or more in length may apply for a student allowance and loan.

7. The Nelson region

Nelson is world renowned for its mild climate, beautiful surroundings, safety and pleasant lifestyle.  Spend some time here enjoying the special activities the area has to offer and you’ll understand why.  Excellent mountain training areas and extensive coastal plains provide a varied training ground.

8. Approved school status

The College is one of a small number of organisations certified under Civil Aviation Regulations to conduct approved flight training that allows students to complete licences in fewer hours.

9. Eye to the future

The College has NZQA approval to offer a Diploma in Aviation.  This recognises that a broader range of skills will be required of pilots in the future and links our students to other academic programmes. Nelson Aviation College has a culture of continuous improvement and has invested in brand new aircraft with Garmin NXi technology, we use modern computers/software, and we deliver the Air New Zealand Airline Integration Course at our Nelson Airport training facility using a Pacific Simulators B737-800 simulator.  

10. Flexibility

Theory courses start at various times during the year and flight training is available on demand.  Aircraft and instructors are generally available when you want them and you are not queuing up to get take off clearance nor joining a stack of aircraft trying to land.  Instructors have a maximum of four students to manage providing more than adequate attention to all students.