Instrument Rating

An Instrument Rating (IR) is required if you wish to be able to fly the aircraft by instruments only (IFR). This is a requirement for all pilots who wish to fly for an airline as a career. The Instrument Rating can be completed on a PPL or CPL licence. The CAANZ IR is an ICAO recognised rating, so if you are an International Student you can convert this rating and continue to use it when you return home, if your country is also ICAO accredited.

To obtain a Instrument Rating, you need to complete the three IR theory subjects (Air Law, Navigation, Instruments and Navigation Aids). If you hold only a PPL then you will also need to complete both the CPL Meteorology and CPL Human Factors examinations. You will also need to complete the minimum flight time covering the CAANZ IR Syllabus requirements.

Nelson Aviation College offers two courses per year to complete the IR theory subjects in May and November. For more information see our IR theory page. Students must achieve a mark of 70% or better to pass each theory exam. The IR flying component is offered throughout the year at two monthly intervals. Our course consists of 40 hours of flight time including the flight test. Our course is designed to complete a multi engine instrument rating, however single engine instruments are available. You will complete the minimum requirements for the issue of a multi-engine IR including VOR & GPS Endorsements with a Technically Enhanced Cockpit (TEC) endorsement included as part of this. Our current course includes 10 hours single engine, 20 hours multi engine and 10 hours on the OLI-L G1000 Simulator. An ILS endorsement is also available.

The course cost includes all landing and airways fees as well as the initial flight test and rating issue fees. As flying is a skill, your actual course cost may vary and will depend on your abilities, knowledge and effort put towards acquiring this licence. Any additional hours required to meet the IR standard over and above the 40 hours allocated will be charged at the current aircraft rates at the time of training. Examination retests and flight test partials will incur additional charges.

The duration of the IR flying component is twelve weeks, but can vary due to weather delays and students ability.

  • IR flying courses can be tailored to suit the number of hours required by individual country minimums. The course hours outlined above meet the NZ minimum requirements. Please contact us for individual quotes if you have additional hour or type requirements.
  • Student Loan funding is not available for this course.