Casual Flight Instruction and Flight Testing

Casual Flight Instruction

We offer casual dual flight instruction for those students wishing to complete Biennial Flight Reviews, Type Ratings, or ad-hoc instruction. The current hourly charge rates are:

  • C152 $237.00/hour
  • C172 $267.00/hour
  • C172 (IFR) $384.00/hour
  • Twin $736.00/hour
  • G1000 Simulator $111.00/hour

Students with their own aircraft types are also welcome for casual flight instruction only. A tuition charge will be applied for all ground/flight training.

  • Tuition $104.00/hour

Flight Testing Available

  • PPL/RPL $416.00
  • BFR $354.00
  • Instructor Renewals $416.00
  • Instructor Endorsement Removals (Night, Spinning, Aerobatics) $356.00
  • Aerobatic Rating Issue/Renewal $356.00

  • All fees are for 2021 only. They are quoted in New Zealand Dollars and include GST.