Course Fees (NZ Students)

Government Funding

NAC is in receipt of Student Loan funding for NZ Diploma in Aviation qualifications only. All students wishing to complete a NZ Diploma in Aviation will be required to self-fund a Private Pilot Licence as this is not covered by the Student Loan fee. Some additional fees may apply. For course fees please enquire here.


All flying hours allocated for the flying modules must be flown at the college. The course fees stated on this website include:

  • Theory Instruction
  • Initial CPL, IR and ATPL Theory Examination Fees
  • Flight Training
  • Initial CPL, IR and C Category Instructor Flight Tests
  • Pilot Logbook (PPL Only)
  • Airways and Local Aerodrome Landing Fees
  • Course Notes
  • Aviation English Language Proficiency Exam (L6PD) (PPL only)
  • Course costs include one attempt at each exam and flight test. In the unlikely event of a test or exam failure, extra training and test or exam costs will be incurred. These costs are not covered via student loan funding or included in the self funding course price.

Additional Costs

The following additional costs are not covered by the Student Loan Fees or by the self-funding course fees outlined on this website:

  • Medical
  • Exam and Flight Test fess other than initial sitting
  • Printing & Photocopying (in addition to the normal theory subject material)
  • Accommodation
  • Headset
  • Uniform
  • Aviation Manuals and Charts
  • Supporting Text Books and Equipment
  • Inflight Monitoring