Our job at NAC is to make sure you are happy and successful in your studies. We will try as much as possible to help you settle into living in New Zealand and provide personal support as necessary. On enrolment we will supply you with a copy of the Student Handbook. This will provide you with all the information you need to know about our College and surrounding area. To enrol or receive answers to any questions that you may have then please complete our online enquiry form.

Starting Your Course

You will be assigned one of NAC's instructors to familiarise you with aviation in New Zealand. They will ensure that you receive all of the books and equipment necessary for your course. You will be given an introductory flight to allow you to become familiar with the basic operating principles of a light aircraft. This will prepare you for the theory tuition of your licence.


Motueka is a small town which provides a quiet environment in which to study. There are many outdoor activities and sports available in which you may wish to participate in. In the evenings Nelson City is only a 45 minute drive away by car and offers a variety of clubs, cafes and restaurants. Many students elect to get a car while they are at NAC. NZ road rules are quite strict so if you intend to drive you must be courteous and careful. You can drive on your overseas drivers licence for a maximum of 12 months, after this you will need to apply for a NZ drivers licence.

When making travel arrangements to New Zealand, your final destination should be Nelson in the South Island. You will be met at Nelson Airport and taken by car to Motueka. You will have a few days free time available to you to get to know the staff and students at NAC and to relax after your journey.

Living and Studying in New Zealand

To find out what it is like to live and study in New Zealand please see the following website provided by Education New Zealand; Living in NZ