Course Fees (International)

Please enquire here to obtain course fees for International Students. Course fees are required for payment on acceptance to the course and must be paid well in advance of the course commencement date in order to have sufficient time to process the required visa. Student accounts must remain in credit at all times. This can be achieved by either paying the full course fee in advance, or by making two payment instalments. If you decide to pay your fees in instalments, your student permit will only be issued by New Zealand Immigration for the equivalent duration of each instalment amount.

The course fees include:

  • Theory Instruction
  • Flight Training
  • Initial Flight Tests
  • Pilot Logbook
  • Airways and landing Fees
  • Course Materials
  • Initial Examination Fees
  • Course costs include one attempt at each exam and flight test. In the event of a test or exam failure, test or exam costs will be incurred. Any additional hours flown over and above the course allocation will be charged at the current aircraft rate applicable at the time.

Additional Costs

The following additional costs are not covered by the course fees:

  • Headset
  • Uniform
  • Medical
  • Travel/Medical Insurance
  • Aviation Manuals and Charts and other required Equipment
  • Exam and Flight Test Fees (other than the initial sitting)
  • Printing/Photocopying (in addition to the normal theory subject material)
  • Accommodation/Wireless Internet
  • Travel to/from/within New Zealand
  • Initial Visa costs and renewals
  • Inflight Monitoring
  • Agent fees