Course Selection and Acceptance (International)

Once we receive your training registration form and documentation you will be contacted by one of our staff members and you may be required to provide further information.

For students residing outside of New Zealand a Skype interview and aptitude testing is required for all course enrolments.  If you are residing in New Zealand you will be required to attend an onsite interview where you will complete aptitude testing and a panel interview.  If you meet all the enrolment prerequisites you will be invited to attend our next scheduled course selection interview.

Course selection is completed two times per year in April and October for students with English as a First Language, commencing directly into CPL theory, and two times per year in January and July for students with English as a Second Language commencing with the PPL theory.  Applications must be in at least two months prior to the course start dates to allow for the course selection process and visa applications.

If traveling to our college you will need to allow for a minimum of three hours onsite at our training base located at Motueka Aerodrome, either 9am until 12pm or 1pm until 4pm during the scheduled course selection week.  Please note that Motueka Aerodrome is a 40 minute car drive from Nelson Airport so you will need to make sure that you book your flights (if required) with adequate travel time.

Please make sure to provide at the interview (Skype or onsite) photographic proof of your identity and any other proof of flight experience i.e. your logbook if you have completed any previous flight training. Please note that all the documentation outlined under the Enrolment page is required before a student can be accepted onto a course.

Students will be advised within two weeks after the course selection interviews of their acceptance onto the course.  Once your application is successful and you are offered a position on one of our courses, you will be required to pay your course fees to secure your place on that course and process your visa. Please note that it can take up to six weeks to process the student visa.  You must hold a student visa prior to travelling to NZ.