AIC Entry Requirements

To be eligible to participate in the AIC, applicants must meet the following entry criteria:

1. Flight Test and Exam Performance - NZ Diploma in Aviation - Airline Preparation Strand Students

The candidate shall have passed all CAA flight tests and theory examinations for PPL, CPL, and MEIR, and all theory examinations for ATPL, with: 

  • No more than one resit in any one flight test (CPL, SEIR or MEIR) and no more than two flight test resits in total. This means that a candidate may resit for example, the CPL and MEIR flight tests and still be eligible; but a candidate who resits one flight test (for example CPL) twice, will not be eligible. 
  • No more than one resit in any one theory subject at any level above PPL. This means that a student who resits, for example, CPL Law and ATPL Meteorology will be eligible; but a candidate who resits one particular exam (for example CPL Navigation) twice, will not be eligible.
  • No more than two resits at any level of theory above PPL. This means that a candidate who resits, for example, CPL Navigation and IR Navigation will be eligible; but a candidate who resits, for example, CPL Navigation, CPL Meteorology and CPL Law will not be eligible.

For the purposes of these criteria, a "resit" is defined as an attempt at an exam or flight test subsequent to an initial failed attempt. A "failed attempt" does not include:

  • a "did not sit" grade (given as a result of non-attendance for whatever reason)
  • a failing grade as a result of impaired performance caused by sickness (a medical certificate will be required)
  • a failing grade as a result of impaired performance due to extenuating circumstances outside the student's control. Such circumstances will be assessed on an individual basis 

  • As the selection process may take place before candidates' ATPL results are known, provisional acceptance is conditional upon performance in the ATPL subjects meeting the above criteria. The selection process will be carried out after CPL/MEIR completion. A student may be eligible to attend the AIC without having all of the entry criteria, but this will be carefully considered on a case-by-base basis e.g. you may meet the entry criteria limits (listed above), but have only sat six of the seven ATPL theory subjects

2. Flight Test and Exam Performance - BAv Students

Massey University Bachelor of Aviation students are to have completed the academic component of all four compulsory PARTS (PART 1, PART 2, PART 3A, PART 3B) of the BAv in accordance with the rules and regulations of the degree, as promulgated in the University Calendar.

Massey University Students may attend AIC selection when they have become enrolled into PART3B papers and have completed Flight Exams S3FE1 and S3FE2.

AIC Selection Process

In addition to meeting the above entry criteria, candidates must successfully complete the selection process, which consists of:

  1. An interview to assess non-technical competencies. This interview will be conducted by Air New Zealand personnel;
  2. An aviation knowledge exam;
  3. A review of the reference provided by the FTO at which the student has completed their ab-initio training.

1. Interview

Candidates will take part in a Skype behavioural interview to assess non-technical competencies defined by Air New Zealand, approximately eight weeks prior to the AIC. These competencies strongly reflect those used by the airline to select pilots.

The competencies to be assessed are:

  • Professionalism
  • Realism and "groundedness"
  • Personal maturity
  • Self-awareness and integrity
  • Motivation and self-management
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work with others
  • Leadership potential

2. Aviation Knowledge Exam

All applicants will sit an aviation knowledge exam during the selection process. The exam will cover topics pertinent to commercial aviation under instrument flight rules.

3. Reference from PFTO

The FTO will write a reference/testimonial for each student applying for the Airline Integration Course. The reference shall be based upon the student's training record, and shall include comment on the student's conduct towards, and interactions with, instructors and fellow students during training.

AIC for Pilots from a Non-preferred FTO

If you are training at an FTO that is not part of the Aviation Institute Preferred FTOs, once you have completed your CPL, MEIR and ATPL theory you can apply for the AIC. To be accepted on to the AIC you will need to meet the selection criteria and successfully complete the selection process.

It is important for you to know that the AIC will be a limited-numbers course, and preference will be given to graduates of preferred FTOs. There is no guarantee you will be able to do the AIC if you have not graduated from a preferred FTO.