Airline Interview Preparation

It is a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get to the point of an airline interview. Along with the hands-on flying skills you have been perfecting since beginning your training, you must be able to demonstrate you can handle the high mental workload required to operate a large, complex aircraft in a multi-crew environment. Our simulator sessions and ground modules are specifically tailored to help you develop those skills and can be personalised to suit the candidate’s prior experience and requirements for time and cost, along with interview/selection specifications. Our simulator instructors are all highly experienced training captains from the Air New Zealand jet fleet and the simulator itself is a professional, full size cockpit of a modern narrow body jet.

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Brian Bourdot 10/10/2019

“I found the programme very helpful and thought it was a good thing to do for anyone preparing to interview for the airlines. I would never go flying without proper preparation and planning, so why would I attempt other important tasks without a similar approach? The simulator sessions take the surprise factor out of stepping into a sophisticated simulator for the first time, allowing candidates to properly demonstrate their IF flying skills.”