Instructional Techniques (IT)

This is a compulsory four day course required by students who wish to complete a Flight Instructor Rating. This course is designed to provide students with the skills required to facilitate teaching and to provide the student with confidence with material delivery. It covers both airborne and ground based Instructional Techniques.

The role of a flight instructor can be expressed simply as "to provide flying training to other pilots", but in fact the instructors role is much more involved and complicated. There is a huge amount of theory involved in aviation subjects, a need to relate that theory to its application in the air, and a need to become familiar with the extensive supporting documentation in the Civil Aviation Rules and Aeronautical Information Publications. Consequently, while your role as an instructor is clearly extensive, it might be useful to think of yourself as a 'training facilitator' as much as a 'training provider'. The aim of the instructor is therefore to manage the student's learning experiences, in order to achieve optimum results in minimal time, at a reasonable cost and with the most efficient use of resources.

This course is presented by Giles Witney (CEO) and Jackie Day (Safety Manager) from Nelson Aviation College in partnership with Penny Mackay, CEO Dragonflight Aviation. These presenters hold either a Diploma in Teaching or a Trained Teachers Certificates.

2024 Course Fees: $1,028