Testimonials - What Our Students Say About Us

Read below what others say about Nelson Aviation College and do ask any Commercial Pilots working in New Zealand what they think about us.

Annabel Ford - Diploma Airline Preparation

My time at NAC has been some of the best years of my life. The training is to the highest standard and I know that whatever flying job comes my way I will now be prepared for. The staff and instructors are all so knowledgeable and easy to talk to, and thanks to NAC I have also grown so much as a person. I would definitely recommend NAC to someone starting flight training!

Nari Casley - Diploma Flight Instructor

Right from the start the college was great and helped me to make a plan to achieve my goals. The instructors were amazing and no matter your learning style there would be an instructor to suit that style. Throughout my time at the college they were flexible with my studying journey, fitting me into the schedule with ease, which I am super thankful for. As a whole, everyone there was super friendly and approachable which made my training experience super fun and enjoyable.

Sam Faulkner - Diploma Airline Preparation

As I look back at my training with NAC and ask myself the big question; "Would I go back and do it all again ?" The answer is a definite yes ! The instructors, students, and staff all made me feel welcome and positively challenged me to grow. I strongly feel NAC has adequately prepared me for the hustle and bustle that is the aviation industry, whilst showing me the joys and beauty of flying.

James Cole - Diploma Airline Preparation

Nelson Aviation College is New Zealand's best-kept aviation training secret! Nelson Aviation College retains the family atmosphere while not sacrificing safety or professionalism. I enjoyed the emphasis on continuous improvement, not only surrounding student progress but also within the college infrastructure and the fleet itself. The proximity to mountainous terrain combined with the complexities surrounding operations from Motueka aerodrome and its varied activities means the training environment is second to none. Down time is easily filled with the vast array of activities the Nelson/Tasman region provides. I loved every second of my time in Motueka and highly recommend Nelson Aviation College.

Enosh S. Lee - Diploma Flight Instructor

In order to achieve successful flight training, one must choose a right training provider. However, there are a number of things to be considered beforehand. To name a few, a reasonable ratio between instructor and student, good weather, a number of aircraft fleets available, easy access to controlled/uncontrolled airspace, a variety of training area and so on. Unfortunately, you will not realise those crucial things until you commence flight training. As for me, choosing NAC as a training provider was one of the best decisions that I have made in my 35 years of life. NAC has got everything mentioned above. On top of this, in a family-like environment but highly professional as well you will never be lost or left alone. If you have to choose a flight school, then NAC is the best in New Zealand! Go for it!

Ying-Hsiu (Hugh) Huang - Diploma Airline Preparation

The Airline Integration Course (AIC) is a very beneficial course for students to prepare for the airline interview. All you need to show to an airline is that you are a professional pilot who is good at leadership, teamwork, communication and multi-tasking skills. You cannot just say you are good. You need to provide examples to make them believe in you.

It is my honour to be trained with NAC and I will recommend NAC to my friends because NAC is always training beyond the standard.

Sam Whiddett - Diploma - Airline Preparation, Flight Instructor

I have no doubt that beginning my flight training in February 2018 with NAC will be one of the defining points in my flying career. Having always wanted to be an Air New Zealand Pilot, the choice of a PFTO was an obvious one and I firmly believe that NAC stands ahead of the pack in providing it's students the very best training the country has to offer.

The instructors were professional, motivated, encouraging and above all, friendly. Students always felt they could approach any staff member for help or even just for a chat from the most junior C Cat. through to the top of senior management. Classes are set at a perfect pace meaning that no one is left behind without being too slow for the top academics and the flying environment is an awesome blend of terrain with fantastic cross country flights in every direction so there's always somewhere new to go.

Thanks to both the quality of the training program and the people I've met at NAC I am sure that the College has set me up for a successful career in flying and was a key factor in me finding my first flying job within two months of finishing my training. The choice of flight school is one of the most important decisions a pilot can make in their career and doing the homework before making such a key decision is vital. I thoroughly recommend Nelson Aviation College for any student who wants to start their career in Aviation.