Withdrawals and Refunds (International Students)

Student Fee Protection

All course fees will be held in the Nelson Aviation College Milestone Public Trust Account for the duration of the students training in accordance with the Education and Training Act 2020. An automatic draw-down of 20 per cent of the student fee or $3000, whichever is the lesser, at the end of the statutory withdrawal and refund period will be deducted from the Public Trust Account. Subsequent withdrawals will be drawn down monthly in arrears over the length of the course, including holidays.

Withdrawal & Refunds

Students wanting to withdraw from a course must notify NAC and complete a withdrawal form. Students who withdraw within the statutory refund period are entitled to a fee refund, however Nelson Aviation College is entitled to retain a portion of the fees. The portion of the fees refunded to the student and the portion retained by Nelson Aviation College is dependent on whether a student is international or domestic, and on the length of the course the student is enrolled in.

Statutory Refund and Withdrawal Period

The statutory refund and withdrawal period for international students covers the 10 working days from the day the student is first required to attend.

Course three months or longer:

If an international student withdraws within the refund period, Nelson Aviation College is entitled to retain up to 25 per cent of the fees the student pays. These deductions must be justifiable.

Course less than three months:

If a international student withdraws from a course of less than three months, the Education and Training Act specifies two separate refund periods:

  1. Course less than five weeks: A student may withdraw up to until the end of the second day and receive a refund of at least 50 per cent of any amount paid.
  2. Courses greater than five weeks but less than three months: A student may withdraw up to until the end of the fifth day and receive a refund of at least 75 per cent of any amount paid.

If a student withdraws after the relevant withdrawal period, all unused flight training fees will be reimbursed.

  • Nelson Aviation College is required to notify The NZ Immigration Service when an international student withdraws.

Course Closure Event

In the event of a Course Closure students are entitled to a pro-rated refund of any undelivered services provided by Nelson Aviation College. It is recommended that students check the NZQA website periodically for closure information. Public Trust can be contacted on 0800 371 471.