AIC Refund Policy

Students are invited to express an interest in attending the Air New Zealand Airline Integration Course. They will be provisionally accepted, with attendance on the course subject to meeting the entry criteria, prior to undertaking the course. Once the student confirms their intention to attend (at least one month prior to commencement of the course), the student will be invoiced a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the course fee.

In order to effect scheduling of courses, some students may be accepted for a specific AIC, even though they do not meet all entry requirements at the time of provisional acceptance.

Where a student has not met the entry criteria at the time of course commencement, and who has paid the 50% deposit, they may apply and will be granted a refund of the 50% deposit.

Students who have been provisionally accepted; who have paid the 50% deposit; have met the entrance criteria; and they withdraw from the course before its commencement or completion, will not be granted a refund except due to extenuating circumstances outside the student's control. Any application for a refund must be in writing, and accompanied by a letter of support from your training organisation. Applications are to be emailed to:

AIC Training Manager

Nelson Aviation College

Any refund under the extenuating circumstances provision will be determined by NAC. Should there be a disputed outcome, then the matter will be referred to the PFTO Marginal Applicant Committee for review.