Aerobatic Rating

We have several Cessna 152 Aerobats available for those students who wish to complete an Aerobatic Rating. This can be completed as part of the CPL course or as an addition. The Aerobatic Rating is a compulsory component of the NZ Diploma in Aviation - General Aviation. Students must hold a PPL or CPL licence before they can hold an Aerobatics Rating.

Our Aerobatics course has been designed to cover the CAANZ Aerobatic Flight Rating Syllabus. Students need to complete a minimum of 10 hours aerobatic flight and be proficient in all manouevers prior to being signed off for the rating. Passengers cannot be carried during aerobatic flight unless the Pilot in Command holds an Aerobatic Rating.

Our Aerobatic Flight Training Course covers the following manouevers:

  • Spinning
  • Loop
  • Aileron Roll
  • Barrel Roll
  • Stall Turns