Aeroplane Flight Training Courses

To view flight training details for each of our courses, please choose the item of interest to you from the menu on the top bar. Courses can also be tailored to suit your own personal requirements, so please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Our flight training programmes are focused on SAFETY and PROFESSIONALISM. All students are expected to observe NAC safety rules and procedures. They are there for your protection.

Punctuality is important and you will be expected to always be on time for any flight booking made by your instructor. If you turn up late, your flight will be canceled, and a fee incurred. Each flight will commence with a briefing from your instructor, and a full debrief will be given after the flight.

In the early stages of training you will operate in areas of low-density traffic. As you become more advanced in your flight skills you will experience a variety of airspace conditions which includes some of New Zealand's International Airports.

All our training programs are safety oriented and focus on the following:

  • Basic and advanced handling skills
  • Emergency maneuvers
  • Navigation techniques
  • Mountain flying
  • Night flying
  • Crew coordination and management
  • Low level and reduced visibility operation
  • In-flight decision making

Additional training is also available on request:

  • Aerobatic Ratings
  • Strip Flying
  • GPS Endorsement
  • Technically Enhanced (Glass Cockpit) Endorsement
  • Nelson Aviation College has a maximum flight training instructor to student ratio of 1:4

Note: Ab-initio training is completed in the Cessna 152 aircraft. Those students who, due to their body size (e.g. height, weight), cannot adequately maneuver the aircraft controls safely may be required to complete their flight training in the C172 with extra cost.

Please click here to read our Entry Requirements for New Zealand students (International students entry requirements can be found in the International section).